Meeting with Ryszard Gloger hosted by Marek Jakubowski

Start: 23 November 2013 16:00
Tickets: Free
Location: Fama Club ul. Legionowa 5 15-281 Białystok

ryszard_gloger1A radio journalist, publicist and sound director. He graduated from the Department of Sound Directing at the Warsaw Academy of Music and the Department of Journalism at the University of Warsaw. He began with hosting the Klub Dobrej Płyty (Good Record Club), issuing his own periodical “Bluesman” and cooperating with the monthly “Jazz”. For over 40 years he has been associated with Rozgłośnia Regionalna Polskiego Radia, Radio Merkury Poznań. He is the author of such broadcasts as: “Akademia Bluesa”, “W kręgu bluesa”, “Na krawędzi bluesa i rocka”, “Magazyn rockowy”. He hosted broadcasts in Channels I, II and III of the Polish Radio. For over a dozen years he has been hosting broadcasts such as: “Luz Blues”, “Aksamitny Jazz”, “Muzyczne Radio Merkury” in Radio Merkury. He worked as a sound engineer on over 50 records; in the 1990s he was a member of the Steering Committee-Local Radio at EBU (European Broadcasting Union). The author of entries on the radio and recording in the Popularna Encyklopedia Mass Mediów (Popular Encyclopedia of Mass Media), co-author of the Leksykon Muzyki Popularnej (Lexicon of Popular Music), editor of the Encyklopedia of Heavy Rock. He cooperates permanently with the quarterly “Twój Blues” and the magazines “IKS”, “Jazz Forum” and “Inwestor”. Since 2006 he has been a lecturer at the Dolnośląska Szkoła Wyższa (Higher School of Lower Silesia) in Wrocław, Department of Journalism and Social Communication.