“Moja Nina” The Muzodram (Musical Drama), A. Sajnuk

Start: 20 November 2013 19:00
Tickets: Presale: 15.00 zł On the day of the event: 20.00 zł
Location: Forum Cinema ul. Legionowa 5 15-281 Białystok

Inspires by the life and work of Nina Simone

Cast: Monika Mariotti
Script: Adam Sajnuk in cooperation with Monika Mariotti on the basis of autobiography, interviews and work of Nina Simone
Directed by: Adam Sajnuk
Translation of songs and vocal supervision: Katarzyna Groniec
Arrangement and musical supervision: Michał Lamża
Stage design and costumes: Katarzyna Adamczyk
Musicians: Michał Lamża, Gwidon Cybulski, Nikodem Bąkowski

The show “Moja Nina” (My Nina) is supposed to be a combination of a surprisingly arranged recital of Nina Simone’s songs (translated for this purpose by Katarzyna Groniec) from various periods of her work and a classic monodrama based on a autobiographical adaptation. Both the songs and the text are expected to make up a coherent story on the artist’s life, complicated and full of tensions; the artist who from her early years till late senior age tackled with the stigma which throughout her life was the color of her skin.


The show is marked by the fascination of the Polish actress of Italian origins, Monika Mariotti, with the singer Nina Simone. The actress sings the world of Nina with a black color while about herself with the voice of a European woman. In the monodrama ‘My Nina’ you can hear life African music, pieces straight from New York clubs, jazz and political stage songs.

Both songs and the text make up a coherent story on the complicated, full of tensions and disappointments, life of the artist. Throughout the show, like in life, occurs the problem of searching for identity: Nina, American or African? Monika, Polish or Italian? Where and how to look for one’s roots?

From her early life till old age Nina Simone tackled with the stigma which was always the color of her skin. Politically and socially involved in the combat against racism, she experienced disappointments throughout her life. She couldn’t bear betrayal and dishonesty of her close friends and family. Her life was both fascinating and tragic.