Soul Catchers Int. (USA, IND, NL, D, JAP/IND)

Start: 23 November 2013 22:30
Tickets: : 10.00 zł
Location: Fama Club ul. Legionowa 5 15-281 Białystok


is a formation playing a mix of soul, blues and jazz, spicily seasoned with elements of funky and R’n’B. The repertoire of the band embraces foremost their own compositions but also well-known standards of such legends as: James Brown, Prince and Jimi Hendrix. Concerts of this international lineup are energetic shows always attracting great numbers of those who love improvised sounds.

Everything began nearly a decade ago during a jam session at ‘Paradiso’, the most famous music club of Amsterdam (where The Rolling Stones recorded their last live album), where five musicians loving jazz and blues met. Each of them comes from another part of the world and each brings into the music of the Sould Catchers completely different sound colored with regional influences. The output is a really unique and gripping conglomerate of sounds.


HOLY BLECK, a German, bass player and leader of the band, for twenty years has been performing with the greatest bluesmen and releasing his records with, for example, Luther Allison and Candy Dufler.

NIKI BUZZ, a guitarist and multi-instrumentalist from Harlem, New York. He was brought up in the tradition of American black music. He’s played with such bands as The Ramones, Patti Smith, The Talking Head, Mink de Ville, Foreigner and Joan Jett. He too part in studio recordings with Anita Baker, Whitney Houston and Kid Creole & The Coconuts.

RON EL KROPPO, a guitarist from Indonesia, who won fame in the 1960s playing in many well-known blues formations in Holland (e.g. Cuby & The Blizzards). He took part in recordings with Trini Lopez and Jose Feliciano.

Ewald Ebing from Holland, a keyboard player, together with Leon El Noya, makes a solid foundation of the Soul-Catchers International’s sound.

The drummer Leon El Noya is a son of the worldwide known Nippy Noya, after whom he inherited a unique sense of rhythm.

And a fistful of curious facts:
The guitarist and vocalist of the band, El Kropo, plays the guitar Telecaster from 1961, while Holly Bleck plays the bass guitar Stratocaster from 1968!


Niki Buzz (USA) – git, voc
Ron El Kroppo (IND) – git, voc
Ewald Ebing (NL) – key, voc
Holy Bleck (D) – b
Leon El Noya (JAP/IND) – dr
Do tego Syn Rona El Kroppo, David El Kroppo – vocal