Koncert Fingerstyle Bob & The Blues Society (PL)

The band was founded in 2007 in Poznań at the initiative of the guitarist and vocalist, Robert Kordylewski, who invited musicians of renowned local blues bands (Wielka Łódź and Boogie Chilli) to cooperation. The current lineup, stylistics and the name of the band finally crystalized in 2013.

The sound of the band is mainly based on Robert’s guitar fingerstyle but Janusz Siemienas’s slide guitar and the strong attack of Leszek Paech’s harmonica give the music a characteristic blues climate. Over 30 years’ musical and concert experience of the musicians guarantees a high standard of performance. Their concert repertoire includes Robert’s own pieces as well as blues standards in his own arrangements, enriched with jazz harmony with a characteristic pulse of the Chicago blues and country blues.

In May 2014 Fingerstyle Bob & The Blues Society issued their first own record “Live Won’t Give A Break”, where we can hear 11 compositions of Robert Kordylewski.

Robert Kordylewski: vocals, fingerstyle guitar, stomping bass
Janusz Siemienas: slide guitar
Leszek Paech: harmonica