„Kultura popularna i blues” – the launch of Marek Jakubowski’s book ‘, the host is Ryszard Gloger

Popular Culture and the Blues

Another book by the author of Mały leksykon bluesa (1992), Encykolopedia Blues w Polsce (co-author Mariusz Szalbierz, 1997), Blues. Encyklopedia muzyki poważnej (2008) and Szkice z kultury bluesa (2010) continuing the look at the blues in the cultural and philosophical perspective, taken in the last of the above-mentioned publications.

Popular culture forms our sensitivity, controls our thinking and imagination, transfers and consolidates myths and stereotypes. Is the blues today a genuine product of the artist, opposite to pop music – an industrial product for masses? Has it been taken over by pop culture and is it cultivated according to its functions? Does the blues listener lose himself in profound experience or just in superficial entertainment?

These are just a few of questions posed in this book. Its author makes an attempt to present causes and processes which have shaped the form and the role of the blues in the way accessible for the contemporary listener.

Marek Jakubowski

Born in 1953 in Gniezno, graduate from UAM in Poznań, MA in philosophy (specialization: culture studies and cognitive theory). A publicist, popularizer of the blues. He has published in, for example, Jazz Forum, Jazzi Magazine, Twój Blues and The Warsaw Voice. The author of “Mały leksykon bluesa” (A small lexicon of the blues) (1993), the co-author of the encyclopedia “Blues w Polsce” (The Blues in Poland) (1997) awarded by Program III of the Polish Radio in the category “the blues event of the year,” the author of “Encyklopedia muzyki popularnej. Blues” (The Encyclopedia of Popular Music: The Blues) (2008) and “Szkice z kultury bluesa” (Sketches of The Blues Culture) (2010). The editor of the Polish edition of the Guiness “Encyclopedia of the Blues” (1996). He has cooperated with Radio Bis (“Złota seria bluesa”) and TVP2 (an expert of the TV quiz show “Wielka gra”). A member of the Artistic Council of the Festival “Rawa Blues,” which he hosts together with Jan Chojnacki. He also hosts the festivals Autumn with the Blues and Polish Boogie.

Ryszard Gloger

for most of his life “immersed” in music, a radio journalist, publicist, music critic, sound director and lecturer. For many years he’s been hosting music programs on Radio Merkury Poznań. He’s made hundreds of recordings, including 50 albums. He publishes articles, for example in the “Twój Blues” quarterly and “Jazz Forum”. Since 2006 he’s been a lecturer at Dolnośląska Szkoła Wyższa (Lower Silesian Higher School). While not working he listens to all kinds of music. In his free time he discusses the blues with Marek Jakubowski and he’s a very demanding interlocutor….