Memo Gonzalez & The Özdemirs (USA/DE)

“Tex-Mex Dynamite”

Memo Gonzalez and his Band are swinging like a suspension bridge in a hurricane, declares British music magazine Blueprint, while Texas Blues Magazine is wondering: Who are these guys?

Without reservation one of the most exciting live blues performer touring today Memo Gonzalez  combines authentic Texas roadhouse blues with swing and rock ‘n’ roll influences to deliver one hell of a live performance. His collaboration with Erkan Özdemir started in 1995 and resulted in more than 2,500 shows in European clubs and on international festivals.
The band current´s lineup features Erkan´s sons Kenan Özdemir on guitar & vocals and Levent Özdemirs on drums. Memo Gonzalez, who hails from Dallas/Texas, and his continental colleagues are working hard for their inspiring sovereignty which has already gained them an excellent reputation as a dynamic and very energetic live band.

“Music’s always happening today”, Gonzalez declares. “We ain’t no juke box. We want to leave our own imprint on the music.”

Before joining The Bluescasters in 1995 Memo Gonzalez milled new facets into Texas Blues, supported by Paul Size, Johnny Moeller, Jim Suhler and other guitar greats. After an impressive ‘Texas Harmonica Rumble’ in Utrecht, The Netherlands ,The Bluescasters invited Memo Gonzalez to join them on their European tours. The debut album Let’s All Get Drunk And Get Tattooed was released in 1996. Almost 20  years later the XXL-Texan with the genuine rock’n’roll pompadour easily controls every stage he’s on and continues to defend his heavyweight harmonica champion title with every performance.

Memo Gonzalez  – vocals & harmonica
Kenan Özdemir – guitar & vocals
Erkan Özdemir  – bass
Levent Özdemir – drums & vocals