Special preview of the movie „Janis: Little Girl Blue” directed by Amy J.Berg

Introduction: Jan Chojnacki

Janis Joplin is one of the icons of the world rock and goddess of sound. However, it seems that it is not all. She inspired the whole generation of women who started singing rock music. Her life was full of stormy love affairs and addictions, which killed her physically and emotionally. But one was unchanged: her total dedication to music. This hadn’t changed until her death in 1970 at the age of 27.
The narrator of the document is Janis Joplin herself. Her words come from the letters she sent to her family, friends and lovers. They are read by Chan Marshall, the vocalist of the Cat Power. The newest document of the Oscar-nominated director goes beyond the rock stereotype of Janis Joplin and breaks the legend built around her life. Thanks to her personal confessions we can notice a delicate, sensitive but yet powerful woman.

Amy Berg

An American documentary director and producer. She was nominated for Oscar for her debut documentary “Deliver Us From Evil” in 2006.

Jan Chojnacki

As a graduate from the Faculty of Foreign Trade, in the 1970s he managed to avoid any stricter connections with the communist economy but he didn’t manage to become the best guitarist ever. That’s why he dedicated himself to the service of propagating musical awareness as a journalist, producer and publisher.
Since 1975 he’s been cooperating with Program 3 of the Polish Radio. Associated mainly with his own broadcast “Bielszy odcień bluesa” (Whiter Shade of the Blues) (40 years on air!), he co-produced such programs as: “Nie tylko dla orłów”, “Każdy gra inaczej”, “Lista przebojów dla odlbojów”, “Radioman”, “Wejście smaku” and many others. He’s a member of the Musical Academy of “the Three”. In the 1980s, in cooperation with Wojciech Mann, he edited the “Non Stop” monthly and the cyclic TV program “Non Stop Kolor”. Over the last two decades of the 20th century he was a head of the record publishers Polton and the Warner Music Poland. He was an editor and sometimes also a co-producer of records by Czesław Niemen, Tadeusz Nalepa, Irek Dudek, Martyna Jakubowicz, Kult, Voo Voo, Dezerter and even Maryla Rodowicz.
In 2001, combining the pleasant with the useful, he started the Baobab Production (www.blueschojnacki.pl ). Under this sign he has produced a few hundred radio programs for the Three and Złote Przeboje, as well as a few dozen of TV shows for TVN Turbo and TV Plus. Baobab Productions has also produced over forty books with CDs distributed by Agora in the series of the Library of Gazeta Wyborcza. In 2005 he launched the internet Radio Baobab (www.radiobaobab.pl) , which, due to the professional support from his reliable friends: Wojciech Mann, Krzysztof Materna and Antoni Piekut, has gained a great number of faithful listeners all over the world.