Earl Thomas gospel, Gift and The Moon Beams

Earl Thomas gospel

He comes from a musical family, in which the mother sang gospel and dad played blues. He is endowed with a characteristic, hoarse voice, amazing stage charisma and energy. He is like Rod Stewart, Tina Turner and Seal combined into one!
The artist has visited Białystok twice already, this time he will present the gospel program! We will hear songs from the album “Plantation Gospel” and the old Negro Spirituals from the south-east of Tennessee, where he comes from.
Earl’s mother and grandmother taught him these traditional songs, passed down from generation to generation. He also listened to them at the church in his hometown of Pikeville. As he says, these songs accompany him all his life. These are songs created from the experience of the slavery era and describe the era of the fight for civil rights. They talk about working on cotton fields, social inequalities – everything that African Americans hold dear.
Earl Thomas  will be accompanied by the vocal a capella trio: Gerard Mcarthur, Paul Connor Mcarthur and Greig Taylor.

Gift and The Moon Beams

The concert will be broadcast live on Polish Radio, 3 in Jan Chojnacki’s show „Bielszy odcień bluesa”.

Zimbabwean Gift Musarurwa is a is a versatile musician, who has been accompanied by blues and jazz since childhood. At the age of 12, he taught himself to play the piano, what gave him the status of a member of the Galaxy Musical Club. He could not afford to buy his own instrument, so he started playing the guitar and harmonica instead. In 1967, he founded his first band Scorpio Brothers. He has performed with many artists from Zimbabwe and abroad. It is worth noting, that his brother, August Musarurwa, was a well-known jazz musician in Zimbabwe. Currently, Gift Musarurwa lives in Nuremberg.
In the music of Gift and The Moon Beams you can find a lot of influences from other traditions, that’s why we’ll hear a mix of Anglo-Saxon hymns with African rhythms, ragtime riffs and blues scale. This mix gives Gift music with its own identity, unique cultural taste.
The project was created thanks to Margarete Delettre, who met Gift with guitarist Michał Karbowski, vocalist Iwona Karbowska and bassist Dariusz “Ju Ghan” Dżugar. When they were learning to play new songs, Gift told them about the genesis of each of the songs. After an enthusiastic reception of the songs at the Bardentreffen festival, they decided to record the album, what only took them… one day!