Noah Wotherspoon (USA)

Noah Wotherspoon Band

All band members are from the US state of Ohio. The leader, Noah Wotherspoon, began his adventure with the guitar as a teenager. Although he impresses with his technique, he is not a guitarist racing with others. Over the years, he has developed his own individual style, defined by melody, beautiful tone and a brilliant musical sense. It is no wonder that in the renowned International Blues Challenge 2015 he was chosen the Best Guitarist, and the whole band took the honorable second place in the classification.

In 2015, the debut album of the group “Mystic Mud” was released. The most recent Mobile Juke House Theater album will be promoted at the autumn tour.

  • Band members:
  • Noah Wotherspoon – guitar, vocals
  • Tom Rastikis – bass
  • Brian Aylor – drums