The Three Ladies of Blues – Celebrating the great Ladies of Blues (USA/DE) PUHOVSKY & The Recyclers (PL)

  • The Three Ladies of Blues – Celebrating the Great Ladies of Blues

  • These three ladies are a total knockout. They sing as they look: strongly, swinging and sexy. Their strength, vocals and emotional virtuosity are amazing. Three different amazing voices and eye-catching looks!
  • Listeners will be kidnapped and taken to Harlem from the past, where there were great blues vocalists such as Bessie Smith, Ma Rainey and Billie Holiday, Diana Washington and many other stars of black American music.
  • These women can sing! With swing in music and joy in souls, they embody happiness and joy and guarantee a fresh, open and energetic performance!
  • Joan Faulkner comes from Gary, Indiana. She is called “The Voice”. For decades, she has been recognized by listeners in Europe and the USA. She began singing at the age of three at her father’s church in Chicago. As a 14-year-old, she conducted the choir, 3 years later she recorded the first song and became an assistant to the Illinois state choir conductor. Faulkner moves in many genres, such as R&B, jazz, gospel, spirituals, pop and classical music. During performances, her voice reaches every listener, regardless of whether there are several thousand or a dozen of them. Joan Faulkner came to Europe in 1978 as a wife of a soldier and since then her musical career has been unstoppable.
  • Joanne Bell was born in Riverside, California. She performed for the first time at the age of 4 in the show “Singin’ in the Rain”. In college, she became interested in opera. In addition to exercises for performances in “Carmen” or “Tosca,” she honed her improvisation workshop. This made her a versatile singer promoting classic American spirituals, gospel, blues and her favorite jazz. Bell lives in Europe, where she performs, teaches, writes and produces performances, musicals and songs.
  • Harriet Lewis was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and is of Jamaican origin. She began singing at the age of 12 at a Baptist church, then organized a youth and children’s choir that performed throughout the East Coast. Lewis’ voice is a volcano during an eruption, and during performances she emphasizes it with facial expressions and gestures. Lewis is called the best European soul, blues and jazz singer.
  • The Gustav Csik Trio
  • Gustav Csik is one of the best contemporary jazz pianists. He started playing at the age of 16 and graduated from the music conservatory in Miskolc. He comes from a family of composers, so it’s no wonder that in his music you can hear wonderful virtuosity. He is inspired by the work of the best American jazz pianists such as Oscar Peterson, Art Tatum and Earl Garner. Like many pianists before him, he honed his skills playing in bars and clubs. Csik transfers the rhythm of his heart to the piano, with feelings and emotions that act on the listeners like magic.

Bands members:

  • Joan Faulkner – vocals
  • Joanne Bell – vocals
  • Harriet Lewis – vocals
  • Gustav Csik – piano
  • Sangoma Everett – drums
  • Giorgios Antoniou – bass

Puhovsky & The Recyclers

  • Puhovsky & The Recyclers is a new musical idea of Romek Puchowski, guitarist of the year in this year’s plebiscite “Blues Top”. A project in which archetypal sounds and forms are transformed into new musical matter. These are the songs of Romek Puchowski – on the one hand they refer to tradition, on the other they carry a contemporary message, they comment on the reality that surrounds us. The musicians use, among others, old instruments, often saved at the last minute from extinction, or instruments made by themselves, for example from elements of plumbing installations.
  • Romek Puchowski: “For a long time I was thinking about creating a project based on a kind of musical minimalism, referring to the ancient blues tradition. Building musical structures in which there is space, air for natural, full of nuances acoustic sounds. I feel that it will be great with the character of the songs I write lately”.
  • Bands members:
  • Romek Puchowski – vocals, dobro, slide, romantic guitar
  • Catalin Tzetze Radulescu – harp, telenka
  • Ryszard Tymon Tymański – bass
  • Jacek Prościński – drums, percussion